Meet The Makers

Dorkus Design
Dorkus Design is a jewellery and form play project by Melbourne based designer and maker Stephanie Watt. Working primarily with laser cut pieces which are finished and assembled by hand, Steph is known for her minimal and eye catching designs. The designer’s loving use of bold colour painted by hand gives each piece its own individual mood. Strong underlying themes of play and humour, produce the wearables ‘feel good’ sensibility.
Through studying Industrial Design at RMIT, Steph has further developed her practice by applying her knowledge of contemporary technology, while integrating handcrafted techniques. Her Industrial Design background is also visible in her exhibition works, where she experiments widely with sculpture and lighting concepts. This designer and maker lives with an ongoing chronic illness and has developed her practice to work with her physical capabilities.

Melanie Bate is a Melbourne based Artist working in the field of jewellery. Deeply fascinated with jewellery since childhood, Melanie remembers rummaging through the jewellery collections of family and friends at any given opportunity. The sentimental attachment people can form with jewellery inspires her work – fine objects designed to commemorate and made to last - and each piece from Aeon is crafted in the hope that the person receiving it will feel that effect.
Melanie is driven to create androgynous designs, seeking gender fluid outcomes that can be worn and enjoyed by everyone.
‘Florescence’, the debut collection from Aeon, showcases a range of rings and earrings that are delicate yet strong, casual yet sophisticated. Classic pieces that evoke luxury, but that you will want wear daily.

Yasmin Hackett
A piece of jewellery should tell a story and Yasmin Hackett is in the business of telling stories with her hands. As a child she spent sunny days in her grandmother’s pottery studio playing with clay and discovering the wonderful feeling of creating something out of nothing. Using her hands she would intuitively transform mountains of clay into shapes with meaning.
A few decades later and today Yasmin’s jewellery practice is guided by the same childhood pursuit. Each piece of jewellery is individually handcrafted. Yasmin introduced her uniquely tactile imprint style of jewellery making to her practice when she felt overwhelmed by the precise nature of fabrication work. She started experimenting with casting wax and found the warmth of her hands could guide the wax in any direction, the same way they had with clay in her grandmother’s studio.
Working out of Melbourne’s iconic Nicholas Building, Yasmin’s pieces evolve from a design process incorporating digital drawing, collage and watercolour and come to life using ethically sourced materials. Inspired by architecture and the world around her, Yasmin creates intricate, timeless and feminine work that is easy to wear with a story to tell.
Wim jewellery is handmade in a small studio in Melbourne, where flat shapes and textured shapes are softly and playfully formed into wearable pieces. An organic-ness of form and the bumpy texture created through heat are what create Wim’s aesthetic. Each piece is unique as it is individually made, and all pieces have a functionality that makes them both practical and statement pieces.
Melbourne label Sacreflux jewellery is the passion project of jeweller Georgia Sacre. A homage to the people in her life that she loves and that have inspired her. 
"My Nana was an antique jewellery collector who would buy, fix and sell stunning jewellery. My Mother was in fashion and taught me about art and the freedom of expression through fashion"  
Sacreflux is very much inspirited by the living, breathing and aching world that is constantly moving and changing and it is clearly seen in her work. Hand formed pieces of sterling silver with rough textures is what Georgia does best.
"I often sit at my bench and let my subconscious take over and draw from everything my eyes have ever made sense of." Creating jewellery is like a therapy." 
Natural fibre garments handmade in Melbourne for comfort. 
Lois Hazel
March 2015, Lois McGruer-Fraser was on the cusp of launching her womenswear label into the world. The desire to involve herself in a fashion industry where transparency was not yet custom didn’t interest the aspirational RMIT Honours graduate, so she decided to do one thing: B E   H O N E S T.

With her immersive international experience through internships with Marchesa in NYC, Iris Van Herpen, ByBorre & Marianne Kemp in Amsterdam along with a semester in France at the Paris American Academy, Lois was ready to create a brand that felt deeply emotional and connected to its surroundings, yet completely wearable.

Lois Hazel is committed to sustainable and ethical practices, offering 100% transparency on sourcing and production for each element of garments with all craftsmanship completed either in house or by a network of local seamstresses around Melbourne.

Collections often incorporate dead stock textiles, along with the use of sustainable fibres to ensure the brand is doing what it can to minimize waste, whilst also offering exclusive and small run pieces. 

The Lois Hazel woman wants her wardrobe to last through seasons, climates and style pursuits, but also from one stage of her life to the next. Premium fabrication and considered design details offer multifunctional wardrobe pieces that feel luxurious and comfortable.

Wolf & Mishka
Wolf & Mishka is a Melbourne-based design label passionate about creating locally made, unique pieces. 
Our approach when designing and producing each collection is slow, with small local production runs while staying waste conscious. We think very seriously about the amount of fabric we order, print and how many styles are made. Meaning we don’t overproduce, instead, our focus is on quality, not quantity.

A slow fashion label, ethically producing high quality, unique and adaptable women’s wear, made to last. Each limited edition garment is made to order, hand crafted and customised to fit, using the finest fabrications, artisan techniques and ethical local production.

Drawing from a wide variety of influences and concepts of sustainability, designer, Cary Aiken, reworks classic garment archetypes, using luxury fabrications and artisanal craft techniques, to create wearable luxury garments. Her practice integrates all aspects of sustainability, from the practical, to the more intimate. With a focus on ethical production, minimising waste and engaging the wearer with the practice of making.

Through showcasing the craft techniques and human interaction that brought each garment to life, we we aim to increase the value of the maker, the making process and add to the emotional and physical value of garments. By sharing the creative practice and unique insights into the production process, we encourage an interest in, and an engagement with, the way our clothes are made. Hoping to help facilitate a more genuine appreciation of the making process, which may in turn transform the way we consume and discard clothing, leading to increased perceived value, and therefore product lifetime.
Kate Brouwer is the hands and heart behind Asobimasu Clay. An ever growing collection of playful vessels, tableware and sculptural ceramics.  Asobimasu is a Japanese word that means to play, “create without boundaries”.
Informed by her love of flowers and the harmony found in nature and wilderness, Kate explores the concepts of Traditional art forms like Ikebana and ceramics whilst pushing forward with a contemporary grasp on Architecture and form.
Using ceramics as a foundation for discovery Kate enjoys creating pieces that bend the boundaries of traditional vases and explore their relationship with the natural world around us.

Kristin Olds
Kristin Olds’ work includes both wheel thrown and hand sculpted functional pieces, all made from her home studio in Donvale. 
Drawing inspiration from natural landscapes, primarily Australian coastlines and bush land, Kristin creates organic pieces with a strong tactile quality. 
Inspired by nature.
Ella Bendrups
Ella Bendrups is a ceramic artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Utilising solely hand-building techniques, Ella creates innate forms refined for a modern context.
With a background in styling supported by studies in Communication Design and Interior Design and Decoration at RMIT University, Ella began social ceramics classes in late 2015 before progressing to a self led explorative practice.
Ella hand builds each of her pieces in a home studio, working on one small group of related pieces at a time. She utilises a combination of pinching, carving and slab building techniques to create both functional and sculptural pieces with an organic feel. Ella celebrates the maker's touch, embracing evidence of process in her finished work.

Dasa Ceramics

Each Dáša piece is hand sculpted by Hana Vasak from her home studio in Melbourne.  Hana's approach to designing her vessels merges foundational techniques of hand building and slab construction. Drawing inspiration from sculpture, natural forms, ancient pottery and her travels, Hana creates small collections of individually hand crafted sculptural vessels that are unique in both shape and form.

Hanami cosmetics are proud to be certified cruelty free & vegan (PETA and CCF certification), palm oil free, independently owned, and made with organic plant and mineral ingredients. 
Lope Home

Lope is a Melbourne based homewares label, conceived by Liz Chadwick and Amy Yu, on a sunny day in 2015. They're putting the onus back on the 'designer'. Each collection starts with the process of work shopping ideas and design concepts. Lope is continuously inspired by colour, architectural forms and the contours of the human body-- these are recurring themes in their collections. The aim is to create bold, colourful and thoughtful designs for the everyday. All products are designed in their Northcote studio
Subtle Bodies
Subtle Bodies source and share the world’s finest fragrant woods, to bring you traditional incense that is pure, natural and inspiring.
Made solely from ground wood and natural binder, their incense is an exercise in simplicity and purity of material. Their products aim to enhance your everyday rituals by creating a space beyond the physical. Their purpose is to be bring a range of products grounded in purity, quality and tradition.

Nester's Pots 
Nester's Pots, Simon and his partner chose to first venture into the world of pots because they believe there needs to be more affordable options for home and business owners around the country to enjoy the aesthetics of beautiful hand painted plant pots. They have over 20 years’ experience and absolutely love this business that they have started. They also love the fact that they get to share their creations with customers from all over Australia.
Hello Sisi
Sienna is a Melbourne babe who loves cute things and has created a new product that is truly fabulous. Her Hello Sisi bags are made to order and available online here.